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Smartphone Apps have dramatically transformed our lifestyle; they are an epicenter of most human activity. Mobile apps have played an integral part in evolution of globalization. Hence, in today’s digital age- Qlogic Entertainment proposes incredible services to not only aid your business and startup ace amidst the fierce and hyper competitive market dynamics but also create a strong connect with your target customer. We are a leading mobile app development company, rendering best services in app development, across the globe.

Our Portfolio

Bitcoin Mobile Application

This cross-platform app features 16 free in-built trading bots that facilitates auto trading; which offers a web-based platform as well as iOS and Android trading apps for smooth trading of cryptocurrencies. We are the providers of best iOS and Android app development services.The app efficiently allows you to trade, send, receive, invest and hold 50 + crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The app user-friendly for both beginner and advanced crypto traders.

The app enables purchasing of crypto via credit & debit card, wire, SEPA, and various other modes of transaction. Inaddtion to this, you can also withdraw cryptos to bank accounts.
Using the app, you can send crypto simply by scanning a QR code.


  • Copy trades with fixed investment amounts or setup percentages.
  • iOS and Android apps.
  • Up to 1,000x trading leverage.
  • Trade crypto, stocks, forex, indices, ETFs, crypto and stock CFDs, and other financial instruments, all totaling 950+.
  • No limit on trading volume.
  • Hosted wallets.
  • Fund accounts with credit cards, bank accounts, and Internet payment methods like Skrill, Sofort, Neteller,
  • Giropay, EPS, Ideal, p24, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Naga coin.
  • Debit card for feeless transactions.

Apartment Rental Mobile Application

Apartment rental market is fiercely competitive; invariably hunting for the best apartment becomes a long, draining and extensive process. Qlogic offers an super-handy solution to the house hunting hassle i.e: Apartment rental mobile App.

The home screen displays the service motto, a search bar with filters and a list of available apartments. The second screen displays detailed information of the selected apartment, including its price and rating.
We have consciously adopted a minimalistic white and black color palette to design this concept in order to ensure a visually clear experience of viewing the apartment pictures.
All the flats and houses are rated by the users. So, new users can rely on the rates and reviews when making their decisions.

Car Rental Mobile Application

Booking a rental car is now the easiest task ever! No need to fret or go through an extensive process to kick-start your ride. Get access to a variety of car rental options; information about the nearest stations; select and reserve the car of your choice. For faster results, remain logged in to monitor and manage all reservation affairs.

• Are you planning a trip with friends and need to rent a car massive cargo space and more than five seats? Do you need a luxury car for a special occasion? Find the perfect car with our App. Use our filters to select a vehicle that suits your needs.
• Filter by car type (minivan, coupe, automatic…), equipment, number of seats, and driver age
• Sort by price or popularity
• Manage multiple profiles with just one login
• Book with your Express and Corporate rates and preconditions
• Get access to information on our more than 2,200 stations
• Customize every reservation with the extras and protections that let you feel safe
• Easily navigate to the station using the App or our detailed written directions
• Details about every car category help you decide which one is right for you.
 View the details of your upcoming reservation or your current rental
• Overview your reservation history
• Manage and update your account data all in one place

Brand E-Commerce Mobile Application

 Today’s technology allows App owners and retail outlet owner to identify demographics of their loyal customers. Based on this finding, the right target audience is target at the time- in a timely and efficient fashion. Hence, this allows the organization to allocate resources and efforts with maximum effectiveness. Segmentation, targeting and positioning the product to right customer is surely the secret to a successful brand that gives it a robust competitive advantage.

Users are notified on all latest collections updated on the app. Keeping up with trends and constant changes hasn’t been more easy, thanks to this app.
The users get pop up notifications on their screens with any important information about the product. Qlogic is the best website design and web development application near you!

On-Demand E-Commerce Mobile Application

Who isn’t fond of shopping while relaxing at home. All that needs to be done is to: download the app, make an account, and enjoy the all the convenience the app has to offer.
Users can easily shop from the convenience of their homes without even having to step out. They can simply download an app, make their account, and start using it directly from the first day itself. UI of the machine has been intricately crafted in way that helps the users understand basic functions of the app; VR and AR are also incorporated to further elevate user experience. While stores attract only a limited number of customers, shopping apps have a large user base and you can reach the people who are not even in proximity to the store or don’t have the access to any of the stores situated in big cities.
Businesses or brands get customized apps and put up all their products under various categories on the app. Customers can easily search for the products under any of the categories and buy it via paying through that platform. Another way of putting up your products on sale is by getting in touch with multi-vendor platforms, which integrate a plethora of brands under its entity. They will list your brand name under the category on the website. This allows you to sell your products on a bigger platform.

On-Demand E-Commerce Mobile Application

Goodfood has given a whole new definition to food delivery convenience. Select, order and pay is all it takes to place the order. The order can also be tracked via the app. The distinctive competency of our app that makes it a successful venture is: food delivery. The app has been imbibed with all the latest innovations it takes to make a top-notch market player. Our prolific app developers have your back in developing a successful meal delivery app.

Book A Ride Mobile Application

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn- are a popular social media apps across the globe. However, none of these apps offer true networking opportunities.
According to the study directed by LendEDU, 44% of youngsters use tinder, not as a dating mobile app but to boost their confidence and social communication skills. Thus, in today’s time, networking mobile application is imperative to discover business partners and employees. Finding instructors, specialists and collaborators could be rigorous process. But, networking mobile application is the simple solution. You can add various filters allowing app users to search by field, skill level, and location. In applications like this, individuals will actually want to track down a legal counselor to help their business or a psychology expert to team up with on Instagram Live. You can monetize your networking mobile application utilizing a membership model. For instance, premium users can have advanced search filters.

Night Cafe Mobile Application

This app gives you access to all the best available options for night cafes and an insight to their menus. the menu of your favorite night café. There is a function of the map, which will directly send to the restaurant or night cafe. In the application, you can browse lists to discover new places where most mouth-watering burgers are served, there is a better setting for appointments or a hall for celebrations. Create your own collections, write down the places you would like to return to, make bookmarks, and tell your friends. Directly from the program, you can make a table reservation.

Bible Mobile Application

Explore the Bible App. Elevate your peace, wisdom and strength no matter where you are. Let your faith be a part of you every step of the way: at work, the subway, walking- everywhere. Bible App is your Bible that fosters a calming spiritual experience and evident boosting of faith. Personalize your experience with custom highlight colors, bookmark your favorite verses for later reference, and share notes with your friends.
Watch Scripture come to life, with video clips related to passages you’re reading or listening to. Go to Videos on the main Bible App menu, where you’ll find clips from films like JESUS, Son of God, and many others.

On-Demand Delivery Mobile Application

This is the business end of the food delivery application which will be used by the customer. The app gives customer access to online food ordering platforms, search for the right restaurant or dish they want to order, place their orders and pay with utter convenience. With a registration and profile management feature, the user will feed useful information into the app and customize it to their liking. The best way to make it works is by curating a smart list of all the restaurants and cuisines according to location, type of food (fast food, or more gourmet dishes), food preferences (vegetarian, meat lovers, any special diets like gluten-free diets), different nation’s cuisine, etc. After placing an order and confirming payment, you can provide customer with contact information of the delivery person. This way they will have an easier time to contact the delivery guy and get the information about where they are and how long it’ll take for them to deliver.

VR Mobile Application

This app is a user-generated virtual reality (VR) content and navigation platform that also serves as a social platform where you follow what your friends watch, react, comment & share favorite videos. Search over one million videos and play over 500 games in our VR Market & watch thousands of 3D and 360 photos and videos! All content comes from verified sources. Fulldive VR app works with any Virtual Reality viewer, including Google Cardboard VR or Daydream. VR’s mission is to make the world accessible through virtual reality and make VR affordable & accessible. The VR app allows you to switch to “watch in VR” mode to enjoy cinematic viewing of your favorite YouTube videos. It’s designed to work with all major Android-supported VR headsets, but was created with the Cardboard and Google Daydream headsets in mind.

Importance Of App Development In Different Industries

Mobile Apps have evolved to be a pre-requisite of every business; as they allow organizations to establish a concrete bond with their target audience. Let’s explore the unprecedented significance of mobile app development in different industries.


There are 4 fundamental mobile app development types:

  • Native App Development

Native app development is the process of creating a mobile application specifically for a given mobile device or operating system. Operating systems include Windows, iOS, Android, and others. Only the platforms for which they were designed can use native mobile applications. Like everyone else, you must be wondering why you need a Native mobile app if it only supports one particular operating system. Let’s decipher it.

Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

  • Exclusive User Experience

Any competent app developer will tell you that creating native mobile apps offers the finest user experience possible compared to developing other mobile apps. They require less processing power and typically operate more quickly than usual because they are created using platform-specific languages, APIs, and tools. Due to speedier loading times and preloaded app functionality, they can provide a user-friendly app experience. They can also provide a unique user experience even when there are many features and functionalities.

  • Familiar Look and Feel

Understanding that each mobile device has its unique set of default programmer is not difficult. It usually looks and feels the same to users when you create a native mobile application that is compatible with a specific operating system. It resembles the current programmes installed on the device. Because it creates a more authentic user experience, this kind of consistency and resemblance is important. Non-Native mobile applications will make an effort to mimic the look and feel of a native app, but they can never be completely accurate, which might make users feel “off.” In terms of giving app users a sense of familiarity, it falls short.

  • More Secure

Operating systems and the coding quality of an application have a significant impact on security flaws. However, the risks are greater for different types of mobile applications, such as hybrid mobile applications, because you are dealing with flaws not only specific to the programming language it’s using, but also flaws that affect web browsers. Security and data insurance are typically more reliable with native applications.
When To Use Native Mobile App Development:

  • The ability to provide gamers with a realistic experience is excellent for gaming applications. Additionally, it improves the app’s performance, which is essential for such applications.
  • You can use the native application if you want to fully utilise a mobile application’s functionality. A better user experience may result from using the GPS, camera, and other features to their full potential.
  • The native application makes sense for applications that require strong security and have a single code base.

Example of Native Mobile Application

  • Scan To Go
  • WhatsApp
  • Spotify


  • Hybrid App Development

When it comes to Hybrid Apps, these mobile applications are a blend of web applications and native application development, so they offer the best possible experience. Hybrid mobile apps are popular because they can be used on a variety of devices and operating systems, which saves time and money in app development.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

  • Improved UX and UI

Because hybrid mobile applications join the technology of both web and native applications, the client experience across stages is more reliable and superior to web applications and PWAs (progressive web applications). They are lightweight so you can anticipate that the UI components and illustrations will load more quickly than the others.

  • Shorter Development Time

Like PWAs (Dynamic Web Applications), which are moreover cross-platform, cross breed applications carve out an opportunity to make more than Local applications. There’s a compelling reason to create distinctive codebases for distinctive working systems. Cross breed applications capability with as it were one codebase.

  • High Performance

Crossover versatile applications are known for being fast and high-performing since they don’t depend on organize communication. However, applications that have profound outlines, comparative to top quality recreations with extraordinary liveliness, will likely perform better as a local application. Toward the day’s conclusion, Local code will ceaselessly be speedier than HTML and JavaScript.

When To Use Hybrid Mobile App Development:

You can utilize the application for different versatile app highlights such as in-app publicizing, buys, and so on. All adjustment prospects are open with the crossbreed application.
Example of Hybrid Mobile Application

  • Gmail
  • Evernote
  • Twitter

We Are The Innovators In The Part Of Top Mobile App Developers
“Just share your idea with us and we will craft your dream app just the way you want”

  • Web App Development

Web applications don’t require a long depiction. The web-based versatile apps are the ones which clients can get directly through an online browser, like Chrome, Safari, etc. All it requests from the users’ conclusion is to have a unfaltering web association and the URL to enter in their web browser to urge to the application. Do not bother downloading or introducing anything, not at all like local applications which get downloaded by implies of a google play store or Apple app store.

Benefits of Web App Development

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

Most web-based applications are undeniably more compatible across various platforms than the traditional ones. Normally the base necessity would be an internet browser of which there is a large number. (Web Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to give some examples). So whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac OS you can in any case run the web application.

  • More Manageable

The web application development system needs to be just installed on the server putting insignificant prerequisites on the end users’ desktop. Updating and refreshing the framework is a lot less difficult, any client updates can be conveyed through the web server effortlessly.

  • Secure Live Data

Bigger and complex systems deliver more information and have separate systems and data sources. In web-based mobile applications, these systems and cycles can frequently be combined by lessening the need to have a separate system. Web-based applications give an additional layer of safety by eliminating admittance to the data and back-end servers.

When To Use Web-Based Mobile App Development:

  • If your mobile application demands heavy content, then you should strictly prefer a web-based mobile application.
  • If your mobile application demands frequent updates that can be difficult to approve by the app stores. A web application can sidestep this necessity, and the business can promptly acquaint the updated application with the target audience.

Example of Web-based Mobile Application

  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Office
  • Netflix

Progressive Web App Development
Progressive web applications utilize comparable web technologies to normal web applications, yet are undeniably more prevalent and are viewed as the eventual fate of the mobile web. PWAs have extra usefulness than standard web applications which assists them in giving a remarkable user experience. Very much like a native application, Users can introduce and send off a PWA mobile application on their devices.

Benefits of Progressive Web App

  • Native Experience

One of the best advantages of PWA app development is that it offers extremely native-like user experiences and can utilize comparable native device features, such as push notification, geolocation, and camera. PWAs are formed very much like customary mobile applications, yet they offer every one of the benefits websites have, such as access to databases and dynamic information. The capacity to utilize existing systems additionally adds to PWA’s native-like UX and UI, offering them a far superior user experience than a mobile website or web application.

  • Offline Mode

You cannot get to a site without internet access, however, PWAs really do offer offline accessibility, which can assist with driving user engagement. PWAs work disconnected on the grounds that they can reserve a page’s resources, which proves to be useful with slow or no internet connection.

  • No Need For App Store Submission

One paramount advantage of developing a PWA application is that it need not bother with being listed on the Google play store or Apple app store, which can be a monotonous process. This additionally has the advantage of making quick updates since app developers will be free from the hassle of getting approved for the listing on an application store. Like normal web applications, PWAs need not bother with being installed or downloaded onto a device, since they are basically web pages.
When To Use Progressive Web Application Development

  • If you want to reach your target audience base as fast as you can, then progressive web app development can be a perfect choice.
  • If you want to leverage the compatibility of cross-platform applications but don’t have a strong budget, then PWA development can provide everything you will need for your wide audience base.

Example of Progressive Web Application

  • Starbucks
  • Make My Trip
  • BMW

But wait a minute, how will you decide which type of mobile application development you should choose? It depends on various factors and one of them deciding based on a top operating system that can help you reach your target audience base. So, let’s find out which are the top operating systems you can choose for your mobile app development project.

Mobile Operating System
Since cell phone operating systems are so coordinated with the look, feel and capability of a cell phone, many individuals base their decision of the device around which operating system it uses.
You must be wondering why we are even discussing the mobile operating system, right? Well, during the mobile app development process you will have to figure out your potential audience base and what type of device they use, which can help you figure out the type of mobile application of your development such as Native, Hybrid or so on.
Focusing on operating systems, a few operating systems of mobile phones are open-source programming, and that implies there are no limitations on what you can download on it, or who can develop its software. Open-source working frameworks are no doubt customizable, while others are confined to the kinds of programming allowed to run on the device. So, Let’s discuss the most trending mobile operating systems.

The Apple iOS multi-contact, performing various tasks operating system, runs Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Powers the Apple Watch to a unique form of the product. Users can download a large number of mobile applications right now accessible on the App Store straightforwardly to any device running iOS, be it an iPhone or an iPad. These incorporate everything from recipe books to Yoga tutorials to games.

Google-owned Android is an open-source working framework which allows app developers to get to develop the new application as they wish. This implies limitless admittance to any individual who needs to create applications for the device and puts next to no limitation on its permitting, so users benefit from masses of free content.
Android is at present the predominant cell phone platform because of its colossal footing with a wide range of users. Probably the best elements of Android incorporate the capacity to alter different home screens with helpful widgets and applications that give you speedier, more straightforward admittance to the substance and capabilities you must consider. It additionally has an astounding limit with regards to performing various tasks – with the capacity to close projects by just swiping them away. To wrap things up, the Android Market, which is what might be compared to the Apple App Store, is home to a huge number of applications, a considerable lot of which are totally free.
After finalizing the operating system, the next thing should be thinking about the app development process. But before that, there are various technical things that shape the mobile app development processes differently such as mobile app development language, frameworks, tools and whether to go with android app development or iPhone app development and various other things. First thing first, let’s start with mobile app development languages.

Mobile App Development Languages
Just as we have various languages that we speak and prefer, the same goes with mobile app development as well. There are various languages exist that mobile app developers prefer while the development process and that shape the app development process differently.

Java Script
The Apple iOS multi-contact, performing various tasks operating system, runs Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Powers the Apple Watch to a unique form of the product. Users can download a large number of mobile applications right now accessible on the App Store straightforwardly to any device running iOS, be it an iPhone or an iPad. These incorporate everything from recipe books to Yoga tutorials to games.

JavaScript Features

  • A lightweight, platform-independent, and model-based language.
  • Has various in-built functions like date and time.
    Works best with object-oriented programming and dynamic typing.
  • Accurate validation for client-side calculation and user inputs.


Supposed to be the high-level rendition of Java; Kotlin is a measurably composed programming language utilized for creating trendy Android applications. Kotlin can possibly impact other programming dialects, for example, JAVA to make high-performing and robust applications. Various well-known applications like Trello, Coursera, Evernote and various others are built using Kotlin.

Kotlin Features

  • An open-source programming language.
  • Diminishes startup time for Android mobile apps.
  • Has perfect and compact code syntax.
  • Work well even with operator overloading.

Articulated as ‘C-sharp’ – this is another object-oriented, broadly useful programming language widely utilized for mobile app development, and significantly used for cross-platform and windows based application development. C# has all that you need to accomplish by utilizing other programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, and JAVA programming language. On the off chance that you want to develop an intellectual and high-performing gaming application, this is the best language.

C# Features

  • A cutting-edge, structured and versatile programming language.
  • Owns in-built libraries of function to facilitate app developers.
  • Guarantees security of a code structure with type-safe code.
  • Is interoperable and updateable.

Python app development language is widely famous among the app developers for developing web applications, desktop applications, media devices, machine learning syntax, network servers, and from there, the sky is the limit. The language gives incredible library support, robust integration, and enhanced control abilities. Popular mobile applications like Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and various others are built using Python.

Python Features

  • Guarantees quick application development.
  • Can “glue” existing contents with one another.
  • Has discernible and clean code as it utilizes space.
  • Can assist with making GUIs utilizing one of the numerous standard libraries.

PHP is one of the most recommended programming languages for mobile applications that require database access. It is an open-source language utilized for server-side rendering, command-line prearranging, and coding applications. Broadly utilized for making eCommerce applications, content-heavy applications, dynamic web applications, and various other mobile applications. An adaptable language PHP can be integrated into HTML or HTML5. Various websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook and various others are built using PHP.

PHP Features

  • An open-source, interpreted, and inexactly composed language.
  • Real-time logs access.
  • Can create error messages with predefined reporting constraints.
  • Is viable with all data sets and practically all local servers.

A game-changer mobile app development language – Swift is an open-source programming language explicitly developed to work with iOS, OS X, and tvOS platforms. The language is adaptable, versatile, and can easily adapt into a safe programming language that facilitates app developers to add various features to any mobile application. Swift is expressive and enjoyable to work with a scripting language, alongside having the top modern quality frameworks. Some of the well-known mobile applications like LinkedIn, Lyft, Hipmunk and various others are developed using Swift.

Swift Features

  • Offers Xcode – a free-standing IDE
  • Is type-safe and helps to find errors early during the compilation process.
  • In-built native error handling functionality.
  • Offers various in-built memory management functionalities


  • Objective C

An extended form of the C language, Objective C is a broadly useful, object-oriented programming language with added features like Smalltalk-style messaging. A well-updated and mature programming language, Objective C offers exclusive results for macOS and iOS application development and operating systems.

Objective-C Features

  • Works well with both static and dynamic typing.
  • The Smalltalk functionalities offer message syntax the same as natural language.
  • Auto garbage collector
  • Simple to introspect objects.


  • Java

Java is an official Android development – object-arranged programming language. With in-built open-source libraries promptly accessible for app developers to browse from. Java is not difficult to deal with and offers the best documentation and community support. With the help of Java’s energetic range of features, app developers can easily build exclusive cross-platform mobile apps, Android applications, games, server applications, embedded space, and websites, and that’s just the beginning

Java Features

  • A powerful, server-side programming language.
  • Easy compilation and interpretation.
  • Offers exclusive security features for the programs.
  • Provides access to modifiers and virtual machine sandbox.


  • HTML 5

HTML 5 is one of the best programming languages if you want to develop location-based mobile apps or web-fronted mobile apps. This fifth version of HTML is not exactly a programming language but a markup language that uses tags to structure and present the substance of the website page. The most recent updates of HTML 5 feature extraordinary features like media components, multi-platform usefulness for various projects, and speedy market deployment. Google Docs, Google Drives and so on are built using HTML 5.

HTML 5 Features

  • HTML 5 offers various functionalities like vector illustrations, improving the utilization of Adobe Flash while making sites.
  • HTML 5 offers predefined labels to show header and footer data, photographs, captions, and other comparable components.
  • Has killed utilizing the “type” trait for contents and scripts
  • Works well even with multiple tags and media components to show content.


  • Ruby

Ruby is a back-end object-oriented scripting language utilized in the development of web applications, servers, framework utilities, and standard libraries. Throughout the long term, Ruby has developed into a broadly useful, undeniable level numerous paradigm, deciphered programming language. Ruby is a functional language that straightforwardly executes the interactions as opposed to compelling the program in machine language. Various well-known mobile applications such as Airbnb, Bloomberg, Twitter and Spotify are developed using Ruby.

Ruby Features

  • Works well with both Dynamic and Duck typingHas a flexible and compact syntax.
  • Has various in-built extensive libraries of functions and modules.
  • Exceptionally handles the exception and operator overloading.