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Smartphone apps have revolutionized our lifestyles, becoming central to most human activities and driving globalization. In the digital age, Qlogic entertainment offers comprehensive services to empower businesses and startups to thrive in competitive markets while building strong connections with target customers. As a leading mobile app development company, we provide app development services globally, ensuring smooth user experiences and functionality. Our highly skilled team has expertise in consultation, design, development, and maintenance.

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Bitcoin Mobile Application

Our Bitcoin Mobile Application offers cutting-edge services. The expertise extends to providing the best iOS and Android app development services. The platform empowers users to thoroughly manage, store, and transact with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Being said that, the app also features 16 free in-built trading bots that facilitate auto-trading. With our dedicated team, clients experience intuitive user interfaces and advanced security features with blockchain networks.
Our app offers features which optimize your trading experience and has the ability to utilize fixed investment amounts or customize percentages for copying trades, you gain precise control over your investment strategy. Access is ensured across both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to stay connected and trade on-the-go.

Apartment Rental Application

Our platform, designed by Qlogic for apartment rentals, boasts an extensive database of listings offering a diverse range of properties to suit various preferences and budgets. Tenants benefit from advanced search filters, allowing them to narrow down options based on location, price range, number of bedrooms, amenities, and more, ensuring they find properties according to their needs.
Each listing provides detailed information, including pricing, square footage, floor plans, amenities, and photographs, offering prospective tenants a comprehensive overview of the property. To enhance transparency, its platform incorporates a rating and review system, allowing tenants to access feedback from previous occupants, facilitating informed decision-making. Secure communication channels between landlords and tenants enable easygoing correspondence regarding inquiries, viewings, and lease agreements.

Car Rental Mobile Application

Crafted by Qlogic, our Car Rental Mobile Application redefines the car rental experience with a comprehensive suite of features which are bound to meet the diverse needs of our users. With advanced filtering options, users can easily find the perfect vehicle by type, equipment seating capacity, and driver age, while flexible sorting enables quick comparison by price and popularity. The ability to manage multiple profiles with a single login adds convenience for families and groups, while access to Express and Corporate rates streamline booking processes.

Detailed station information together with easy navigating features, ensure access to our extensive network of over 2,200 stations. Users can customize reservations with extra and protections for added peace of mind, while detailed car information aids in decision-making.

Brand E-Commerce Mobile Application

At Qlogic, we understand the significance of an ecommerce mobile application as the digital gateway to your business. Our ecommerce solutions empower brands to establish a captivating online presence, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in the virtual realm. Acting as a digital storefront, our mobile application showcases products, enables customer selections, and facilitates secure transactions, serving as the virtual counterpart to physical retail spaces.
Key features of (name of the app) include a user-friendly interface, comprehensive product catalog, secure payment gateways, personalized recommendations, order tracking, responsive customer support, wishlist and favorite functionality, and social media integration. By leveraging these features, brands can enhance the shopping experience and drive sales to reach a global audience.

Book A Ride Mobile Application - (Name of the App)

The (name) is the ultimate solution for booking rides at the most affordable rates which has revolutines the transport industry. Our app simplifies the process of arranging transportation, allowing users to effortlessly request rides with just a few taps on their mobile devices. With features such as real-time ride tracking, users can monitor their driver’s location and estimated arrival time, making sure you have a stress-free travel experience. The app offers multiple payment options, including debit/credit cards and digital wallets, providing flexibility for users. Additionally, users can also enjoy personalized features such as favorite locations, recurring rides, and ride scheduling as per their preferences.

Our Process Works

Also known as Hybrid Reality apps, foster a plethora of innovative options for users to secure physical and digital objects in new, dynamic environments.

We develop highly advanced prototypes that not only exhibit and test functionality but also stimulate a vivid and effective pre-production decision making process for your organization.

Our team has access to top-notch development tools and blockchain architectures that primarily seek to establish and execute best blockchain solution.

At Q-Logic post launch affairs are of great signifance for we are cognizant of their signifance in steady and successful growth of business. Hence, after launch, Aetsoft provides technical assistance, and updates assistance pertaining to: latest features and improvements. The entire mechanism is consciously curated to invoke your business’ growth and adaptability in the hyper-competitive market environment.

Types of Mobile App Development

Native App Development

Creating apps specifically for a single mobile OS, offering optimized performance and security. Examples include WhatsApp and Spotfiy

Hybrid App Development

Combining web and native app features for cross-platform compatibility, faster development and good performance. Examples include Gmail and Twitter.

Web App Development

Accessible through web browsers, providing cross-platform compatibility and easy updates. Examples include Google Apps and Netflix.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Using web technologies with enhanced functionalities like offline access and push notifications. Examples include Starbucks and Make My Trip.

Factors for Choosing Development Type:

  • Consider your target audience’s device preferences.

  • Evaluate technical requirements like language, frameworks and tools.

  • Determine budget and time constraints.

Mobile App Development Languages:

JavaScript: Lightweight, platform-independent language, ideal for client-side calculation and validation.

  1. KOtlin: High-level language for Android development, offering reduced startup time and clean syntax.

  2. C#: Object-oriented language for cross-platform and Windows-based apps, known for security and interoperability.

  3. Python: Versatile language for web, desktop, and machine learning apps, favored for its library support and clean syntax.

  4. PHP: Open-source language for server-side rendering and dynamic web apps, widely used in eCommerce and content-heavy sites.

  5. Swift: apple’s iOS-specific language, offering safety and modern features for app development.

  6. Objective C: Object-oriented language for macOS and iOS development, with Smalltalk-style messaging and auto garbage collection.

  7. Java: Official android language with documentation and community support, suitable for cross-platform and server-side apps.

  8. HTML 5: Markup language with multimedia support and rapid market deployment, suitable for web-fronted and location-based apps.

Ruby: Object-oriented scripting language for web and server applications known for its compact syntax and extensive libraries.