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Blockchain technology revolutionizes information sharing within business networks by storing data in transparent, immutable blocks linked together in a chain. At Q-logic, we utilize this advanced database mechanism to empower organizations with transparent and efficient data management solutions.

Our team specializes in implementing smart contracts and business logic using blockchain-specific programming languages. From developing frontend applications, APIs, and integration layers for interaction with the block to implementing security measures such as encryption, authentication, and access control, we prioritize the integrity and security of your data.


The expertise of our blockchain development company

Custom blockchain development

Custom public and private blockchains empower you to safely render services beyond your organization. By providing you adequate control over user account permissions, you’ll be able to conveniently manage a plethora of sensitive operations associated with: payments, transfer data and counterparty risks.

Net development

Elevate your collectibles- such as artwork, sports cards, stamps, or event tickets- into exquisite and exemplary digital assets for trading on a tamper proof blockchain.

Smart Contracts

Self-executing, immutable code triggers actions when predetermined conditions are met. Automate payments, transfers of ownership, and information exchange across systems.

DeFi solutions

Set the trajectory of financial application towards a modern, transparent, peerless and self-executing system that effectively functions in a decentralized environment without any external mediation.

Digital assets trading

Generate exclusive blockchain solutions for trading your digital assets. This will lead to robust acceleration of internal value transfer, swift and convenient transnational trading, and pool funds for growth.

Digital wallets

Store and protect users’ confidential information in encrypted digital wallets. The powerful encryption of digital wallets is an effective means of quelling all potential hack and theft attacks.

Machine learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a protégé of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows software programmes ability by a quantum leap at forecasting events.

Mixed Reality Apps

Also known as Hybrid Reality applications- these apps equips users to innovatively fortify real and digital assets at minimal cost.

IOT + AR/VR Development

Q-Logic offers a user-friendly method of integrating IoT with AR/VR and a variety of devices

Our Process



Also known as Hybrid Reality apps, foster a plethora of innovative options for users to secure physical and digital objects in new, dynamic environments.



We develop highly advanced prototypes that not only exhibit and test functionality but also stimulate a vivid and effective pre-production decision making process for your organization.



Our team has access to top-notch development tools and blockchain architectures that primarily seek to establish and execute best blockchain solution.



At Q-Logic post launch affairs are of great signifance for we are cognizant of their signifance in steady and successful growth of business. Hence, after launch, Aetsoft provides technical assistance, and updates assistance pertaining to: latest features and improvements. The entire mechanism is consciously curated to invoke your business’ growth and adaptability in the hyper-competitive market environment.

Expertly-Matched Talent at Q-Logic Entertainment

At Q-Logic Entertainment, we pride ourselves on matching clients with top-tier blockchain talent.
Our team consists of industry experts dedicated to delivering high-quality blockchain solutions tailored to your business needs.

Product Owner

Ensures project alignment with business goals and stakeholder needs.


Specializes in creating robust blockchain applications using cutting-edge technologies.

Business Consultant

Provides strategic insights to maximize blockchain implementation benefits.

Quality Assurance Experts

Ensures the reliability and security of blockchain solutions through rigorous testing.


Blockchain Expert with a focus on innovative solutions


Blockchain Expert dedicated to secure and efficient blockchain integration.


Blockchain Expert known for delivering seamless blockchain applications.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost is calculated individually for each particular project. However, an average cost of blockchain application development starts from $15,000 and may go up to $250,000. The final cost significantly depends on such factors as the app’s complexity, its type, features, and hourly rates of the development team.

With a dedicated blockchain application, your business can run more smoothly and reliably for end-consumers. It ensures the full transparency of processes, better traceability of data hence better security of workflows in general. Moreover, we ensure the application is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Besides the verticals presented on this page, blockchain can be useful in practically any industry to transform the way you access and store data. However, to exclude any doubt for your part, before starting working on your project, we analyze if blockchain can be of use for you based on your business situation and needs.

It all depends on your app, its complexity and feature set. We start with an MVP that we deliver to you within 1-4 months. Next, we consistently develop it by adding new functionally, with regular major releases every 2-4 weeks.

No problem! The integration of blockchain with third-party tools and (or) systems comes as standard since many of our clients apply to us to modernize their current software with blockchain, and we do it if it’s technically possible.