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Transforming Visions into

Video Production​

From Concept to Code, We Craft Your Digital Dreams with Precision and Passion.
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Video Production​

Regardless of whether you’re a one-man-editing show working on your own passion project or part of a massive post-production team churning out movies for high-profile clients, this 5-stage video editing formula will always apply. And that’s simply because it makes the most sense.

Standard production

Quality video production at a competitive rate, backed by Maven’s robust production process.

Premium production

Upgraded equipment and dedicated crew members for commercial grade production.

Your vision in motion

  • Corporate Videos
  • Lifestyle and Brand Videos
  • Commercials and Marketing Videos
  • Motion Graphics and Digital Animation
  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Training Videos
  • Event Videos

Video Production Showreel

Video Production Showreel

A great video is in the details​

Script writing and planning

Whether you have a clear creative vision or are starting from scratch, we’ll guide you through the creative process and build a clear production plan.

Graphics, animation, and visual effects

From branded titles to animation to visual effects, our team can add the graphic elements that take your video to
the next level.

Commercial grade editing suites

Our edit suites are complete with dedicated computers, robust data storage, calibrated monitors, and soundproofing.

Sound design and audio mastering

To ensure you have audio that is just as impactful as your visuals, we take the time to master the audio tracks on each video project.

Supercharged by a full-service marketing agency

Our service extends far beyond the video production process. From developing a compelling story to ensuring your video receives 1000’s of views, our communications team is here to help your project reaches its full potential.

Brands we've worked with.​

Our production team is trusted by global brands to reliably deliver high quality video.